A Tale of Two Cities

Jul 08 - Jul 16 2016

 Old-Time-Radio presentation opens LBSC’s “BOOKS ON STAGE" “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….” So begins Charles Dickens’ romantic and thrilling adventure, set in England and France, before and during the French Revolution. It is both brutal and tender, as it tells the story of dissipated British barrister Sydney Carton, whose love for Lucie Manette causes him to ensure her happiness at great personal sacrifice. The sound of the guillotine underscores much of the action, as the rebellion of the peasants against the aristocrats claims lives, and the lovers in the story are caught up in a dangerous plot. Orson Welles understood that hearing a great story is the best entertainment in the world. His radio adaptations of history’s great books and short stories are still among the best condensed presentations of the classics: The War of the Worlds, Dracula, Treasure Island, A Christmas Carol, and many others! LBSC opens its July Books-on-Stage series with Welles’ adaptation of Dickens’ story, which Welles wrote for the Mercury Theatre on the Air.  It was the first radio series of its kind, in which a full theatrical company produced a drama for the wireless. The date was July 25, 1938. 

Professor Eli Simon

Jul 17 2016

The FREE Speaker Series continues with the Artistic Director of the New Swan Shakespeare Festival at UC Irvine,  Professor Eli Simon. Members of the community, actors, and students are invited to attend for FREE to hear Dr. Simon discuss the dynamic character of Rosalind in As You Like It.  Rosalind is one of the most prized roles for women in the world of Shakespeare. She is both a teacher and a student of love, deflating with her quick wit and eloquent speech the egotistical pretensions of the arrogant and idealistic among those she encounters. However, she manages to do so while remaining charming and light-hearted, and sometimes getting in over her head, to great comic effect! In order to travel safely in the Forest of Arden, she disguises herself as a boy and claims to be a magician. “I can do strange things,” she says. Magic is one of the aspects of her character—and the role it plays in the story—to be discussed by Dr. Simon. The speaker event is free, but reservations are encouraged to ensure seating. 

Jane Eyre

Jul 22 - Jul 30 2016

The second program in the Books-on-Stage series is Orson Welles’ adaptation of Charlotte Bronte’s gothic love story, Jane Eyre. In his script, Welles writes, "Jane Eyre has acquired the full respectability of an English classic and has lost none of its color. It began as one of those books which everybody read and no nice person would ever read. For Jane Eyre, appearing in England as it did early in the reign of Queen Victoria, came as a general shock and was an immediate success -- as appalling and popular as a royal scandal and as widely circulated as gossip!” LBSC presents this Old-Time-Radio classic with a special feature for the live audience…an American Sign Language interpreter will be on stage, offering the story for those with hearing loss or impairment, while the LBSC actors offer it live on the web as an exclusively audio experience. Those attending the live performance will see how a show was produced during the Golden Age of Radio, as the actors play their parts in 1940’s period costumes and produce the live sound effects. 

Much Ado About Nothing

Aug 26 - Sep 17 2016

Probably the inspiration for the Hollywood battle-of-the-sexes, screwball comedies of the 1930s, Shakespeare’s sparring lovers, Beatrice and Benedick, are charming and quick-witted precursors to the unlikely couples played by Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, or Myrna Loy and Cary Grant. They openly dislike each other at the beginning of the play, and have clever exchanges of one-upmanships, much to the amusement of their friends, who undertake to trick them into a romance. The results are Shakespeare at his most light-hearted and delightful. In contrast, the romance between Hero and Claudio is threatened by genuine grief, created by the contrivance of the dark villain, Don John. The solution lies in the hands of an incompetent and bumbling group of night watchmen. The happiness of both couples depends upon the revelation of the truth, which may or may be discovered before the former best friends, Benedick and Claudio, duel to the death!   LBSC’s production features live music, dancing, beautiful costumes, and lots of spectacle!

The Phantom of the Opera

Oct 14 - Oct 16 2016


The Fall of the House of Usher

Oct 21 - Oct 23 2016


The War of the Worlds

Oct 28 - Oct 31 2016

LBSC’s anniversary presentation of Orson Welles’ classic radio show, with live sound effects and music performed by the cast. The original 1938 broadcast covered the Martians invading the earth and created a nation-wide panic as a result.

Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

Nov 25 - Dec 11 2016

LBSC’s alternative holiday classic is The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, written by L. Frank Baum, and adapted for the stage by Helen Borgers, with original music by Edmund Velasco. It plays from November 25th through December 11th. 

Radio show: A Christmas Carol

Dec 16 - Dec 18 2016

2016 A Christmas Carol - Radio Show

Taming of the Shrew

Mar 31 - Apr 09 2017

(Old Time Radio Style)

Romeo and Juliet

Apr 21 - Apr 29 2017

(Old Time Radio Style)

Julius Caesar

May 26 - Jun 17 2017


America in Words & Music

Jul 14 - Jul 29 2017

JULY BOOKS ON STAGE A special birthday salute to America, featuring short stories, poems, songs, and essays by American writers and songwriters.

Love's Labour's Lost

Aug 25 - Sep 16 2017

JULY BOOKS ON STAGE A special birthday salute to America, featuring short stories, poems, songs, and essays by American writers and songwriters.

Old Time Radio Horror Classics

Oct 13 - Oct 30 2017


The Wakefield Second Shepherds Play

Nov 24 - Dec 17 2017


A Christmas Carol

Dec 21 - Dec 23 2017

Old Time Radio version of A Christmas Carol
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