Free Speaker - USC Professor Rebecca

Mar 25 2018

FREE EVENT RESERVATIONS ARE RECOMMENDED.   Falstaff And His Critics Come and learn from USC's Professor Lemon why Falstaff is one of Shakespeare's most popular characters! Falstaff is arguably Shakespeare’s most popular character. One Shakespeare critic calls him "a kind of god in the mythology of modern man," while another writes “When we are wholly human . . . we become most like either Hamlet or Falstaff." This talk considers the praise of Falstaff next to the critiques against him, as a Vice character or a Machiavel. What do we make of this larger than life figure, and how do we assess his friendship with Prince Hal, who begins by funding Falstaff's drinking but ends in abandoning his friend? And if Prince Hal banishes him, what might Queen Elizabeth have found so appealing in this beloved "white bearded Satan" and an "abominable misleader of youth"? 

Falstaff and Prince Hal
(Old Time Radio Style)

Apr 07 - Apr 15 2018

LBSC will celebrate Shakespeare’s Birthday Month of April with Old-Time-Radio presentations of Queen Elizabeth I’s favorite Shakespearean character (and his greatest comic creation), Falstaff! We’ll see Falstaff with Prince Hal in his first appearance in Henry IV, Part 1.

The Merry Wives of Windsor
(Old Time Radio Style)

Apr 20 - Apr 28 2018

We continue Shakespeare's Birthday Month of April with at the Queen’s own request, we’ll show Falstaff in love in The Merry Wives of Windsor! 

Free Speaker - Tony Vezner

Apr 29 2018

FREE EVENT RESERVATIONS ARE RECOMMENDED Many works by Shakespeare and his contemporaries require moments of stage magic – the appearance of ghosts, gods, and devils, statues coming to life, tempests, and battles.   While a practical mind may look for means to make these larger-than-life moments visually believable, Shakespeare took a markedly different approach that celebrated wonder but relied on unconventional means.  Shakespeare had an appetite for such moments, inserting fantastical moments in plays where they were unnecessary to the story.   In this talk we’ll discuss Shakespeare’s construction of these moments in plays like Hamlet, Henry V, The Tempest, and The Winter’s Tale. We will also note some influences on Shakespeare from the royal court where visual spectacle was utilized for political purposes.  

All's Well That Ends Well

May 25 - Jun 16 2018

Surprisingly, Shakespeare never wrote the words, “All is fair in love and war,” but he certainly wrote a play that dealt entirely with the subject. “All’s Well That Ends Well” is what scholars call one of Shakespeare’s “problem” plays, neither comedy nor tragedy, but a bit of both. Filled with unrequited love, philandering lovers, deception and disguise, it’s a story that confuses and elates the audience, and here at LBSC, we think you’ll love the way we attack it.

Treasure Island (Old Time Radio Style)

Jul 13 - Jul 22 2018

We continue with our dramatic reading series, Books on Stage. This year, we’ll be featuring Orson Welles’  Mercury Theatre radio script of Treasure Island, performed and webcast live, with sound effects performed by the cast.

Troilus and Cressida

Aug 24 - Sep 15 2018

As we’ve said, this year’s LBSC productions of Shakespeare’s rarest plays pays tribute sometimes to the man and not the machine. “Troilus and Cressida” is probably the most modern of his tragedies and prime material for today’s audience. Author and literary scholar Joyce Carol Oates remarked that it “strikes the modern reader as a contemporary document—its investigation of numerous infidelities, its criticism of tragic pretensions, above all, its implicit debate between what is essential in human life and what is only existential are themes of the twentieth century. ... This is tragedy of a special sort—the ‘tragedy’ the basis of which is the impossibility of conventional tragedy.” Join us, and open your mind to Shakespeare’s modern ideas.
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