Troilus and Cressida

Aug 24 - Sep 15 2018

As we’ve said, this year’s LBSC productions of Shakespeare’s rarest plays pays tribute sometimes to the man and not the machine. “Troilus and Cressida” is probably the most modern of his tragedies and prime material for today’s audience. Author and literary scholar Joyce Carol Oates remarked that it “strikes the modern reader as a contemporary document—its investigation of numerous infidelities, its criticism of tragic pretensions, above all, its implicit debate between what is essential in human life and what is only existential are themes of the twentieth century. ... This is tragedy of a special sort—the ‘tragedy’ the basis of which is the impossibility of conventional tragedy.” Join us, and open your mind to Shakespeare’s modern ideas.

Old Time Radio Style Double Feature
The Horla and The Hitch-Hiker

Oct 12 - Oct 14 2018

The Horla “The Horla” was adapted from a Guy de Maupassant short story for Mystery in the Air, a 1947 radio series of spine-tingling tales showcasing actor Peter Lorre in some of his most intense performances. The Hitch-Hiker Few dramas make better use of radio’s penetrating powers of physiological persuasion than “The Hitch-Hiker,” by Louise Fletcher, one of old-time radio’s finest writers.

Old Time Radio Style - Frankenstein

Oct 19 - Oct 21 2018

Mary Shelly’s iconic novel of horror and tragedy was a staple of early radio and film, most notably the 1931 Hollywood classic starring Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s monster. LBSC revisits Frankenstein’s earliest radio adaptation, originally broadcast in 1935 on The Witch’s Tale, the much loved “grandmother” of old-time radio horror series. The story opens with the fabrication of the creature, continues as he seeks companionship, and culminates in a showdown between Frankenstein and his angry and forlorn monster. Like Shelly’s original, our narrative reveals an articulate being who accuses his creator of cruelty and neglect and, ultimately, exacts a terrible revenge.

Old Time Radio Show: War of the Worlds

Oct 26 - Oct 28 2018

LBSCs anniversary presentation of Orson Welles classic radio show, with live sound effects and music performed by the cast. The original 1938 broadcast covered the Martians invading the earth and created a nation-wide panic as a result.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Nov 23 - Dec 16 2018

Join King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table for Christmas at Camelot! Queen Guinevere introduces the feast and festivities,but Arthur refuses to eat until he has been told a true tale of exceptional valor.

A Christmas Carol

Dec 21 - Dec 23 2018

The Long Beach Shakespeare Company will present the classic 1939 radio edition of A Christmas Carol. It was originally produced by Orson Welles for his Campbell's Playhouse (which is what The Mercury Theatre on the Radio became after The War of the Worlds broadcast. The Mercury Theatre saved their weekly series from cancellation with the success of that broadcast, and won a sponsor, Campbell's Soup). This Christmas broadcast was an annual tradition, first performed on Christmas Eve, 1939, starring Lionel Barrymore as Scrooge.
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