Claudia Schou

Claudia joined LBSC in 2010 as Public Relations Director. Outside her English studies, she got her first taste of Shakespearean acting as a maiden in an Orange Coast College Theater Department production of Henry V. Afterward she stayed involved in the theater program, writing and directing two one-act plays for the One-Act Theater Festival, "Falling in Love Again" (1990) and "Starving Kittens" (1992). In the mid-1990s, Claudia studied journalism at San Francisco State University and worked as a journalist for nearly a decade before settling in Long Beach and starting a public relations company called Media Boutique. She spent a little more than a year volunteering her public relations expertise to LBSC before joining its Board of Directors. Claudia is thrilled to have the opportunity to arrange previews and theater reviews on behalf of LBSC.

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April 2018
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