The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) [Revised]

The three lewd, but lovely ladies from last year's hit performances, present more cross-dressing, tragedy and comedic confusion than the Bard himself could ever have penned. This year's production promises to be bawdier and more hilarious than ever, with new gags, stunts, costumes and set design.

You're guaranteed to laugh at this show, which spoofs all of William Shakespeare's 36 plays. Not suitable for young children. 

4 Dates only - 19th & 20th and 26th & 27th.


Student Regular Preview
04  19  20138:00 PM 10.00
04  26  20138:00 PM 10.00
04  27  20138:00 PM 10.00
03  29  20148:00 PM 10.00