The Shadow

The Shadow is in reality LaMont Cranston, wealthy young man about town. Years ago, in the Orient, Cranston learned a strange and mysterious secret: the hypnotic power to cloud men’s minds so they cannot see him. Cranston’s friend and companion, the lovely Margo Lane, is the only person who knows to whom the voice of the invisible shadow belongs.

 The Bride of Death – The Shadow confronts “The Prophet of the Ancient One,” a murderous cult leader whose own powers of mental control seem to rival the Shadow’s. Margo is kidnapped, a human sacrifice is planned for that night’s cult ritual, and the Shadow is locked in a cellar with the Prophet, who has set an explosive to destroy the house. 

 The Three Ghosts – Professor Sneed takes his nervous wife to a remote house, where he plans to set up his laboratory. The house appears to be haunted, the wife is terrified, and then some violent ex-convicts show up.  Margo is a friend of Mrs. Sneed’s and arrives for a visit, bringing her friend, LaMont Cranston. They both sense that there is something terribly wrong with the Sneeds. The Shadow must investigate.



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